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How to add your site to 757sites

For $1/month, your website will be shared on the major social media sites, search engines, and through our weekly newsletter. 

757sites.com serves Southeastern Virginia, commonly known as Hampton Roads. Site visitors are able to see local businesses without the clutter of search engine results and advertisements. We also do not track or retain visitor data (unlike major search engines). Companies doing business in this area are welcomed to submit their information for review and approval.

To have your family-friendly website added to 757sites.com, you simply need to complete the Site Submission Form below and pay the annual listing fee of $12/link, which provides the revenue to cover website costs and promotion of the site (and your info). If you would like to be listed in more than just your primary category and City category, each additional category is still just $12/year. We will send an electronic invoice once your completed form has been processed.

Non-profits do not have to pay the annual fee and are encouraged to raise funds using our Partner referral program. All businesses listed on our sites are eligible to earn referral commissions using our Partner referral program.

Your business listing will be shared on our social media pages/groups; e-mail newsletter; and on this website for an entire year. We promote the site using multiple Internet marketing methods; local print advertising; and promotional material distribution for maximum regional reach.

Site Submission Form

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